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Climate Change And “The Emissions Series” 

By Thomas Park 

“The Emissions Series”- Audio Against Climate Change: 

The 20th Century was pivotal to modernity. I grew up in the 1970’s and 1980’s-- during the Cold 
War, in the shadow of the bomb. I unwisely believed that I wouldn’t live long enough to be a 
middle-aged man. 

Yet here I am, aged 46, writing this. 

I would guess that Henry Ford and the other great industrialists, who invented the automobile, 
and chose America’s fate, had no idea that the puffs of pollution coming from the tailpipes of 
those vehicles could affect an entire planet. 

Indeed, such a notion defies reason-- especially when one observes the planet Earth from 
space-- the big blue marble, in all its scope and beauty. 

It is scientific fact, inconveniently, that our many years of creating carbon emissions, largely 
through the burning of fossil fuels, has resulted in changes in the atmosphere of our home 
planet. These changes have, in turn, led to a rapid increase in the temperature of the Earth. 

I will mention this just now-- for those who doubt that evidence of climate change exists, here is 
a page from the NASA website, which provides clear scientific proof of the phenomenon, from a 
trusted government agency: 


Further discussion of this trend can be found in a broader, more general section of the website: 
https://climate.nasa.g ov/ 

A planet is a huge, massy thing, but its environments can be quite sensitive to change. A 
change of a degree, even a half-degree, can alter migration patterns, forest growth, hibernation 
cycles, blooming and much more. Nature operates on a sensitive set of conditions. Our quickly 
warming planet is having a devastating effect, and it will get worse. 

I need to take a moment to make a confession. I myself contribute to the emissions issue. 
Although I try to minimize my driving, and rarely take an airplane, I do have a gasoline based 
automobile. At this time, it is the only thing I can afford. I would very much like to obtain a hybrid 
or electric car, as soon as the industry offers these at a reasonable price. 

I do believe the phenomenon is real, as I remember Winters that were colder, and milder 
Summers. Within my lifespan, I can recollect having weeks on end of very frigid temperatures, 
and lots and lots of snow here in the MidWest. Recent Winters have passed like hiccoughs 
compared with those before. 

If I can sense it, and the data reinforces it, folks, I believe it’s true. Won’t you? 

Why should you believe in climate change? Because if you do, and if you help to support 
transforming the power grid in the U.S. to renewable energy, you can help get things back 
where they should be. 

We have seen that cutting back on certain emissions has helped to close the hole in the ozone 
layer that we created in the late 20th Century. 

We can do the same with climate change. 

Not only can we reverse the warming, in time, we can also reap the many rewards of a 
renewable power grid-- perhaps even drawing closer to one of the world’s healthiest economies, 

Germany uses renewable sources, and they are now so efficient with energy production that, in 
2017, they created a surplus.. 

It is within our power to make this change, and doing so would have immediate and tangible 
results on many levels. 

So-- please believe that your senses are right, that your memories are correct, and that 
something is going on with the world’s weather. Feel free to listen to and share “The Emissions 
Series”-- the main objective of the tracks is to encourage belief in (and, hopefully, response to) 
climate change. 

This sonic material is also public domain, so please use it, as well as listening to it. Use the 
tracks in broadcasts, mixes, podcasts, remixes. When you do, please tell the story behind them. 
You do not have to do so, but it would make me happy, and it would help them to be part of their 
original purpose. 

Thank you for your time. 

-Thomas Park, 2018